LOKO Motives

Our journey to live in Hawaii,
inspiring others along the way



About Us

After recently celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary (view pics on Photos page), we are getting ready to retire from our day jobs. 

We are very excited to start the next chapter in our lives by moving to Hawaii working and creating for ourselves. 

LOKO Motives is our first collaboration in that effort.  


About LOKO Motives

In the Hawaiian language the word "loko" means:  in, inner, inside, interior or internal.

In the English language the word "motives" means:  that which causes one to act and do things in certain ways and also pertains to motion and prompting to action.

Thus, LOKO Motives is the discovery of our inner motivations by learning to ask ourselves the right questions to reveal why we do what we do.  Read more insights on our Blog page.

P.S. - LOKO also happens to be our combined initials!


About this Site

On this site we hope to share our story of what excites and motivates us and to be an inspiration for others to discover and chase their dreams as well.   

We have shared some things that have inspired us on our Inspirations page.  This site will continue to evolve with us as we move to Hawaii and build our life together in paradise!

We are pleased to have you join us in this journey of self-discovery!