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Inspirational Friends Following Their Dreams

Pamela Capone, Author - California

Pam has been a friend for many years. She's a talented author who has written two books. She writes with a unique perspective on life, sharing personal touching stories mixed with humor. Check out her website and blog!

Pamela Capone.com

Change by Design - Arizona

Kami is a former coworker and friend who recently started a business as a life coach; she truly has a special gift in this area. Change by Design combines personal development tools with fun and creative solutions to help people design their life with purpose and intention. 

Change by Design Facebook

Gail’s Learning Center - Washington

The Learning Center attempts to “connect the dots” between 3 categories of different resources and paths to health, happiness, and creativity for seniors and “pre-seniors” who are interested in healthy lifestyle opportunities.

Gail’s LearninG Center

Notable Authors, Speakers & Books

Melody Beattie, Author


Melody has a lot of great books to help with the process of self-care and recovery. Two books in particular were very helpful: "The Language of Letting Go" and "Codependent No More."

Melody Beattie site

Think and Grow Rich


The book "Think & Grow Rich" contains principles that represents the wisdom of men of great wealth and achievement,

Learn More

The Secret


This book & film "The Secret" creates life-transforming tools in the mediums of books, films, and multi-media. Film available on Netflix.

The Secret site

Jim Rohn, Motivational Speaker


Jim Rohn was a big influence on us as well as millions around the world with his elegance and common sense life strategies that expand people's imagination of what is possible. 

Jim Rohn site

Tony Robbins, Motivational Speaker


Authority on leadership psychology and is a life and business strategist.  He is an author, coach, businessman and motivational speaker. 

Tony Robbins Site

Simon Sinek, Motivational Speaker


Simon discovered remarkable patterns about how the greatest leaders and organizations think, act and communicate; he popularized the concept of Why in his first Ted Talk in 2009. 

Simon Sinek site

Inspirational Video

Change is a Choice, Success is the Result , Jim Rohn

Practical wisdom from one of our favorite teachers, also featured above.